Personal Care Products

When it comes to purchasing daily essentials online, you have all the choices in the world at your fingertips. Because that search can sometimes feel never-ending, Brightline is here to make things a little simpler by offering reliable, affordable personal care products designed just for you.

The Brightline rechargeable electric toothbrushes are packed with all the features you need for a healthier smile. Powerful sonic technology gives these brushes their edge over manual ones, pulsing thousands of times per minute to lift away plaque and surface stains.

The Brightline Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush System is an all-in-one facial care system that has 6 intensity settings and 3 brush heads that cover every skin care need. You'll get customizable cleansing with 6 intensity settings for everything from gentle cleansing to exfoliation.


Find replacement brush heads and other accessories for your Brightline rechargeable toothbrush and facial cleansing brush.

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